Emine Turkoglu

I have been living in Finland for three years with my husband and our three children. I graduated from Political Science and International Relations. I did my master’s in international Relations and studied my PhD in the same field, but I could not finish it because of leaving my country. My master’s dissertation was in Feminism in International Theories. I was always interested in feminism, migration, refugees, and minorities. Different cultures have been fascinating to me all my life.  I was a civil servant in Turkey, and I had worked in a social movement for more than ten years. Nowadays, I have the opportunity to finish my PhD in Helsinki University, as I continue my volunteer work. I always believe in the good sides of humanity. Also, none of us’s experience is more or less significant than another. The main point is to respect a person not because we have the same values, but because we have different values. My purpose on this platform is to host different ideas and experiences.