In our conversation, Büşra shared her experiences in the AKVA program and briefly summarized the content of the program for our friends who could not attend.

Akva is a preparatory program for immigrants who want to study at the University of Helsinki. The content of the program is planned according to the needs of higher education.

Of course, the main subject of the program is Finnish language. Basic subjects are repeated and grammar subjects in Suomen mestari 3 and 4 books are covered. The course is not based on books, but books are also used, along with many different resources brought or prepared by teachers. Lesson hours are short and they spare more time for homeworks.

Another course in Akva is social science (Yhteiskunta/Tietoa Suomesta). The main subject of this course is not language, but since the course is taught in Finnish, it contributes a lot to vocabulary. Finnish society life is examined by using various sources.

English language courses also take part in the Akva program. Each student is sent to a course according to his/her level and the fee is covered by Akva.

In the study techniques (Opiskelutaidot) course, techniques that can be useful in university life are explained and experienced with homework.

IT skills (IT-taidot) course teaches basic information about using Windows and Microsoft Word and Finnish words which relate with this course. 

Another department is the open education course (Oma-ala) in its field. Each student enrolls in one of the open education courses of a university of their choice. The students should follow lectures, try to do homework and pass exams. Or keep a learning diary (Oppimispäiväkirja). The student writes what he/she does not understand in the lessons and the new words he/she learns in

this diary and submits it to Akva. This part of Akva allows the student to experience university life.

Guidance and counseling services: In the Akva project, the student is assisted in planning his education life. At least once each semester, the consultant is interviewed and planning is made. If needed, the consultant offers new options.

Mentor support: Meetings are organized with students currently studying in Finland. These meetings are very useful in terms of transferring experience and finding answers to questions first hand.

Written by Büşra